Education Videos

Chimisworld (Partnered with WWF ) for children in middle school

Prithvimedia has partnered with WWF India ( World Wild Life Fund for nature ) in various initiatives in environmental education. The DVD Chimisworld which has been produced as a complete environmental workshop which teachers can use as a basis for conducting workshops. The entire initiative revolves around the icon Chimi a small boy who drives home an effective message! The aim of the workshop is to make children realize that they will inherit the planet Earth and todays actions must be done in such a manner that the adults of today do not spoil it any further .

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Education in Sustainable Development Teacher Training Module

Prithvimedia has produced a 26 minute DVD on Education for Sustainable Development ESD as a teacher training module for WWF. The video highlights the development of Education in Sustainable Development through motion graphics and has also animated various classroom exercises for the clarification of values. These videos have been dubbed in Hindi , Assamese and Bengalee