Prithvi Media has been conceived as a platform to promote sustainable living. Prithvimedia has various initiatives with SUSTAINABILE LIVING as its theme and has as its target the prevention of environmental destructiong.

About Prithvi Media

Prithvi Media is a platform that promotes awareness for sustainable growth, development and education through the medium of animation. Through it’s world class facilities the studio produces films, videos, 3D and 2D animation for a wide variety of audiences.

From the inception, we have been producing various edu-tainment films for children. “Chimi’s Dream”,“Elephant Tales”,“Robo Mom” among others, are part of “Chimis World” - an initiative to inculcate a sense of environmental awareness in education.

Prithvi Media has also made videos for clients such as BSES and WWF among others to elucidate issues faced by the power sector and to promote the understanding of Education for Sustainable Development.