Videos in public interest

Using animation techniques, motion graphic and other means Prithvi media has made the following short videos in public interest

CoalMaal ka GolMaal

Bin Bijli Sab Suna

Elephant Tales Short Trailer

Prithvi Media Showreel

Prevention of Power theft

BijliChor: A young boy Chimi and his older relative are on the terrace of their house when the catch a young man trying to ‘hang a wire and hook’ to get an illegal power connection. He is stopped from running away and falls down below on the vegetable vendors stall. The vendor stops him and the police man comes to see what the commotion is about . The vendor is confused and asks, “what is happening!?”, and states “if air is free, water is free, is not electricity also free? ”. Chimi and his elder relative explain that electricity is not free, which is a common misconception and has a huge cost which is born by the distributor company, the environment and every consumer. He further explains that electricity theft will disrupt the smooth supply for others

Security through GPRS

Eye watch :Protect yourself with a simple click of your cell phone. Once alerted the mobile app will send signals to those nominated by you and they will get to hear the last few seconds of your conversation, receive an sms and a a foto taken at the time of alerting the app. Further through the internet your nominee will be able to locate your current location

Animal conservation

A visit to the zoo : Will children in time to come have a chance to see live animals? Animals have a very important role in maintaining the ecological balance of our world. Let us learn to respect nature and its boundaries before animals become extinct.

Water Conservation

Drip Tales: Sometimes a child shows us what to do and can take the initiative by themselves. Adults often ignore fresh water wastage especially if its only a trickle. Over time the trickle can lead to huge wastage -every drop counts save fresh water join.

Shortage of water

What a rush :If you think stories of people rushing to get water from water tanks is exaggerated watch these images. Is this what we want ? Urban dwellers face acute shortage and depend on private water container services. The scramble for fresh water has just begun

Tiger /wild life Conservation and Anti Poaching

Robo Mom: Tigers continue to be killed by poachers. A mother tiger with her litter has to be saved at all cost . These cubs were lucky others were left to starve. Often poachers are heartless and look only for their short term gain ! Robo Mom

Harmful effects of radiation and Transmission Towers

SMS: Save More sparrows . Transmission towers emit radiation that effect the lives of small animals and birds . Could this be the reason for the sharp drop of sparrow population in the cities? Radiation may cause the death of the embryos in sparrow eggs. Save more sparrows.

Sustainable education, Teaching values in schools

Sharing is Caring: Young children need to be taught to share . They are willing to learn. Can we encourage a value based education in schools for sustainable living?